16 march Poortje Herrie #5 ★Inutile Témoin★Monk Ernsting Monk★INFERNAL MOSQUITOES /THAT WONDERFUL NOISE★

Inutile Témoin (fragile noiserock / madpunk de Berlin)

Inutile Témoin- is Teresa Riemann and Amélie Legrand on cello, drums, electronics and voices. During their performances they combine French, German and English poetry with free improvisation and written pieces to produce an energetic and abstract sound which delivers a deep and direct energy.
Their performances embark on a mystical journey, traveling from the stomach to the little voices in your head, reminiscent of a volcano on the brink of eruption.
Both musicians have punk influences as well as using Arabic scales and free improvisation. The voices exist simultaneously in different dimensions, ranging from singing to all out screaming.

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Monk Ernsting Monk

Monk Ernsting Monk plays an impossible smash-up of Black free jazz, Japanese noise, interstellar folk musics, and just about every broken groove or fucked-up beat you ever attempted to dance to.

solo / sax / electronics / free / improv / noise