Opening@16.00 with Bobby the Robber

– Ex-kopf
– LxDxK
– Odal
– Jugaza
– Lifeless Past
– Vestas
– Monk&Monk
– Dzum
– aru A
– Void Extinct
– Lumpy Gravy
– B6RB6P6PA&PinkiePie
– Prophetiae Sibyllarum
– Malleus Maleficarum

Duo with drums and electronics
+ dj set DJ Rodion Levin

Obey the devil he will set you free!

Fast spacey groovey noisey psychedelic improvisations between Philipp Ernsting on drums and Arvind Ganga on guitar.

Lik de kikker (lick the frog) was born on christmas-night during a mushroomtrip…(no Joke) The plan was too go over the top with a noiseband that would Give the audience a “WTF” moment.
Not only thru sounds but a big part of LxDxK is experience
it’s the show around IT and the people supporting IT.
After 10 month’s they finnaly came together in the Staalstraat Squat (velsen)Too put the plan too use.
Few weeks later was LxDxK’s first gig..with Many more too come.

Lifeless Past
Postpunk Galore

Frank Vis is a Amsterdam based, very active Noise Artist, Label owner and Performer,known for unpredictible set ups, uncountable numbers of collaborations and a high vary of sound shapes, ranging for quiet and subtle soundscapes to harshest noise walls.
“Vestas” is his newest soloproject and only he knows what to expect from this. “

Monk & Monk play an impossible smash-up of Black free jazz, Japanese noise, interstellar folk musics, and just about every broken groove or fucked-up beat you ever attempted to dance to.

Atmospheres & intuitive moves that might turn into songs sometimes. Using small synths and noisy objects, casio and voice.

aru A
This is the experimental self-healing session which aims to decrease in stresses and stagnations for both physically and psychologically, open yourself to the universe and make yourself to shine from your spirit, to achieve quitting smoking habit.

Void Extinct
Ever since the execution of the one function none of the earthly electronic devices have been save. Evil powers and dark sounds rule the realm, destroying any device that may give pleasure to its user. Void Extinct is a knight of the noisyramians, prophet of the distructionists and keeper of the holy hammer.

Prophetiae Sibyllarum
Malleus Maleficarum