Poortje Herrie#11

Martijn Comes+Lukas Simonis★Brotox★Ich.Bin.Bob

Martijn Comes & Lukas Simonis
Comes specializes in new media, sound design and electronic-acoustic compositions. Some of his harmonies sound as if they’re being exhumed from the dregs of harsh noise, while other tracks are almost extraterrestrial in nature. Comes’s work feels like some ghost in the machine using all that raw material to communicate.
Lukas Simonis has his roots as an instrumentalist and musical ‘activist’ in the industrial music and noise rock of the Eighties ( Throbbing Gristle, the Residents, Pere Ubu, Sonic Youth and beyond). Being a part of the Rotterdam jazzbunker scene (a collective that consisted of heavy drug induced punk rockers, freejazzers, early electronic musicians and pre-postrock combo’s) he discovered the delimited world of improvisation.Nowadays he plays more & more with electronic machines, trying to be obnoxious & ambient et the same time.

Brotox (Fr)
French industrial noise duo


Is doing a residency in the Worm Studio
Ich.Bin.Bob is the solo project by Bob Nowhere, an Anglo-Italian musician and performer based in Bologna, already active in the “KyoKyoKyo” soundtrack trio and in the Dada improvisation ensemble “Coop Rumore”.

The first album under the pseudonym of Ich.Bin.Bob is 42 “31”, released in January 2019: it is a collective work born from the collaboration with various musicians from the most diverse backgrounds.

Cronòtopo is his latest album that investigates the audio / visual relationship and the perception of space: a modular system controls an installation of alternating lights, which stimulates the multidimensional perception of intricate rhythmic patterns and melodic lines created by it.

New album coming out: