12th Of May Poortje Herrie presents: La Race (Fr) + Hurricane Joe

La Race (Fr)Formed in august 2009, by Romain S., Romain L. and Pavel V., la race creates alienated, dark rock that belongs more to industrial music than to your favourite Rolling Stones songs.Through the use of a minimalist drumkit, a few dissonant guitar chords and some barely understandable voices, they create something often labelled as « Brutal Trance » or « No Wave Doom ».Highly repetitive parts, angular transitions, intoxicating reverberations and mostly a dedicative stubbornness to reach the limit of sound and music. Related acts : HEADWAR, Klaus Legal, ADJANI, Me Donner, Bâton XXL, Lièvres et serpents…(DALIDA, Vespre, Carte Noire, Death To Pigs….)

Hurricane Joe (Bruja, Roffa, Narco Country)Hurricane Joe is a narco singer from Rotterdam. This maniac mixes a tex-mex style country sound with the raw energy of punk. I’ve personally seen him on stage multiple and each time was totally different, this Hurricane guy is hard to follow, I wonder what he will be up to next.