31st of May Death Pill (UA) + Voos (NL)

Fake magazine together with the Poortgebouw are organizing a very special event:

Voos punk veterans from Rotterdam: known from bands like Pitufos, Ungentlemen, Nies and Khor: bass and drums settings are basic and varied under a wall of upfront guitarlicks and over the top vocals influenced by bands like Gewoon Fucking Ragge, Forbidden Wizards or grindcore legends from the past like Discharge or Vice Squad and other shit like daily life.


Death Pill from Kiev Ukraine are a Riot Girlz Punk trio.
But, in wartime their only hope was making music and luck was on their side when English record label New Heave Sounds decided to release their debutalbum. Well received by magz and newspapers like Kerrang and The Guardian. Musically influenced by Bikini Kill and it’s topdog Kathleen Hannah of course but also trashmetal from bands like Slayer and Megadeath are not far away.