Vereniging Poortgebouw @ EU Parliament Nov. 5-6 (2007)

Vereniging Poortgebouw @
EU Parliament Nov. 5-6

archived >>> HERE

The European Parliament will be the venue for the first European States general for the right to housing hosted by the European United left on upcoming November 5-6. The Vereniging Poortgebouw has been invited to participate.

The States general result from various meetings and encounters between players for the right to housing started at the Athens European social forum which brought together officials from associations, unions, scholars, more specifically in Bobigny, near Paris, last February, who share the appeal “Forward towards European States general for the right to housing”. They will be the very first step of a movement which will bring together over a hundred participants from a dozen countries, beyond the borders of the European Union. This unprecedented event will be an opportunity to know more about the situation of housing and habitat in each country, to exchange on struggles and proposals of the various social, political and citizens movements on that issue and to consider how the right to housing could be acknowledged throughout Europe.


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