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Het Poortgebouw staat in de steigers! Na een aantal wisselingen van eigenaren die het onderhoud op hun beloop hebben gelaten wordt de buitenkant van ons prachtige huis nu door de huidige eigenaar gerenoveerd. Ondanks dat we ruim een half jaar tegen steigerdoek zullen aankijken zijn we hier natuurlijk erg blij […]

Opknapbeurt Poortgebouw

Martijn Comes+Lukas Simonis★Brotox★Ich.Bin.Bob Martijn Comes & Lukas SimonisComes specializes in new media, sound design and electronic-acoustic compositions. Some of his harmonies sound as if they’re being exhumed from the dregs of harsh noise, while other tracks are almost extraterrestrial in nature. Comes’s work feels like some ghost in the machine […]

Poortje Herrie#11

We are urgently trying to find a new home for a family, with two kids.Do you know of any place or organisation that we could get in contact with to help them out? Any suggestion that you might have would be really appreciated, preferably (but not necessarily) in Rotterdam or surrounding […]

On November 2nd 2019 the third annual Anarchist Book Fair in Amsterdam will be organized at the Dokhuis. There will be stands from all the anarchist distro’s and bookshops in the Netherlands and surrounding areas! The anarchist book fair is a place to encounter new ideas, exchange experiences with comrades […]

2 NOV > Anarchist Bookfair Amsterdam

Poortje Herrie #9 MoE (no) Norwegian rock band. Powerful and angular, surprising and musical confronting.Through collaborations with artists such as Pain Jerk, Keiji Haino, Mette Rasmussen and Lasse Marhaug, MoE has become one of the most adventurous and productive bands in Norway. The music spans from heavy drone, chaotic noise, […]

Poortje Herrie #9

Opening@16.00 with Bobby the Robber – Ex-kopf– LxDxK– Odal– Jugaza– Lifeless Past– Vestas– Monk&Monk– Dzum– aru A– Void Extinct– Lumpy Gravy– B6RB6P6PA&PinkiePie – Prophetiae Sibyllarum– Malleus Maleficarum Ex-KopfDuo with drums and electronics dj set DJ Rodion Levin Odal Obey the devil he will set you free! JuzagaFast spacey groovey noisey […]


Zad Kokar & Les Combi Beyaz Dada weird no-wave collides with hip-hop! For fans of chicken toys, bright colors and patterns, THE RESIDENTS, Mark Beyer, HALF JAPANESE, and DNA! First LP “Les Trois Gueules Au Matin Du Monde” got realeased in January 2018! Duke S. Duke S. […]

Poortje Herrie #7★Zad Kokar & Les Combi Beyaz★Duke S.★Colloid★

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