Textuur #11: Gelbart & Spoelstra

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 at 9 PM

door open:21h start:21h30

For Textuur edition one-one, the first Textuur of two-thousand-one-one, we
present two one man bands of the highest standard. Analogue electronics and
guitars unite for one night!

GELBART (DE/ Defekt records)

“Adi Gelbart is an ingenius mad scientist, a true musically-accomplished
giant among hordes of laptop charlatans, blending all colours and shades of
electronic pop into his test tubes (old analogue machines, guitars, rewired
battery operated instruments, hand-built gadgets – did I already say
mad?), to marvel at each resulting explosion of sound. The result ranges
from sweet theme tunes and non-existent kiddie TV shows to hypnotic
psychedelia and walls of blissed-out noise – all played hands-on and in
jaw-dropping mastery. Pop is broken down and rebuilt with sensibilities
that match krautrock and space-jazz.” (Avi Pitchon / Vice Magazine)



SPOELSTRA (NL/ Narrominded)

“What Spoelstra somehow conjours up is a genial, teasing presence that
gives you the patience to submit to the Lilliputian beats and splurts; and
appreciate this madcap’s ideas// Most of his tracks are built on a loop
pedal of sorts and have as their driving force a cranky, crackly guitar
sound that is very appealing. He also likes to create messy, slightly
drugged spazzcore/glitchcore mini-symphonies that are the veritable sand in
the Vaseline. Quietly tremendous, and insidiously inspiring.” (Incendiary




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