Károly Tóth

About Károly Tóth

Visual artist, designer, composer, curator, actor, lecturer, virus. /// Involved in culture under the pseudonyms ZEROGLAB and ÜBERGROUND /// ZEROGLAB's work was shown in MOMA - New York, USA / Next Five Minutes Festival for Tactical Media - Amsterdam, NL / Geniale Festival - Stralsund, GER / Berlin Short Film Festival, GER / Viper Festival - Basel, SUI / Budapest VJ Festival, HU / Museum of Image & Sound - São Paulo, BR / Performance Festival - Szentendre, HU /// http://zeroglab.org

There are many ghosts that lurk in the Poortgebouw and we are certain that one of them is old Lodewijk. Rotterdam merchants were at first hesitant to enter the Industrial Age, but in the 1860’s they discovered they could profit off the River Maas’ connection with the Rhine. The city […]

Lodewijk Pincoffs (1827-1911)